Sales Copywriter Moves To Borneo, Writes for Peanuts!

Got Peanuts?


From Alan P. Carr,
Sarawak, Borneo.

You wanted a professional copywriter but couldn’t afford one?

You just got lucky!

A professional copywriter usually costs serious money, you know that. You also know why you want a pro’ on your side, sweating bullet points and sub-headings on your behalf: MORE SALES from the same number of visitors.

More cash coming in forever, from a one time investment. That’s a sweet deal, If you can afford it.

So how about..

An affordable copywriter?

No hourly rate or commissions. You’ll be pleased to know my fees are fixed, no extras or silly stuff. I slave over your salesletter for as long as it takes, without demanding a share of your profits.

I’m not going to upsell you my “full” service or hit you with some huge price then dangle my “budget” service either, useful as those techniques can be. Here’s what you get:

Native English speaker, experienced, knows what he’s doing, will seriously improve your sales and doesn’t charge many thousands of dollars. What a refreshing change!


What’s The Catch?

At this point you may be thinking “Too good to be true” or “What’s the catch?”

If I just said “There isn’t one” you wouldn’t believe it, so let me quickly explain just why I’m so affordable. Then we’ll tackle that “Is he any good?” stuff.

I’m a 50 year old Englishman, formerly a high-level manager in the UK, currently living on the Island of Borneo with my beautiful Malaysian wife. The cost of living here is very cheap and I already have my own successful internet business.

I actually enjoy copywriting and helping others achieve this lifestyle, so it’s almost a hobby. I charge enough to keep me motivated but don’t have to charge extra just for credibility (or ego).

So yes, you really can afford me but no, I don’t travel to attend meetings! Email me.


Is He Any Good?

Well it’s true that I’m somewhat cluessless at controlling the gap between paragraphs in WordPress (!) – but you’re reading this because I already achieved the first principle of copywriting.

I got you to read the copy. And keep reading.

I did that by understanding your needs and yes, starting a sentence with “And” is bad grammar but part of good copywriting is knowing when to break the rules.

“Best… we’ve ever had”

If you’re looking for a top quality copywriter at realistic rates you won’t go wrong with Alan Carr.

He’s the best writer we’ve ever had and personally I’m delighted when he’s available…

Gennady Mikhaylov CEO
J&J Twins Corp. New York



Have you noticed I’ve barely even touched on the benefits of a professional copywriter? I haven’t talked about how you rake in easy money on autopilot, your PC an ATM, just throwing money all over your keyboard? Well I’m guessing you know all that, which is why you’re looking to hire a freelance copywriter like me, right?

I’m guessing you’ve looked at hiring a good copywriter, you know professionals charge around $5,000 upwards and “cheap” is $2,500. A pro’ copywriter like myself will squeeze you around $500 just to “critique” your sales copy and $5K is perhaps way beyond your reach at the moment?

You may have even seen figures like $25,000 thrown around, while being told clients were delighted to pay it and so on. Yes you’d love a proper copywriter but you can’t afford that kind of money, right?

Top level copy is typically the most expensive yet most valuable thing you can buy for your website. You were rather hoping though, that through the magic of Google you could find $5,000 of value for… a lot less!

If your search results have turned up “Our dedicated team of professional writer will guarantee the finest maximum sellings!” then you have my sympathy, but we both know you wouldn’t hire at that level anyway. So what you need is some kind of affordable middle ground to help your business grow.

Why’s that so hard to find?

“He amazed us”

“I gave Alan the brief for 2 complex and technical softwares that are hard to explain. He made the product and benefits very clear. That is the second time he amazed us with his exceptional work and we have recommended him to other Misv*”

(*Micro independent software vendors)

Max Bolide
Bolide Software


Why Professional Copywriters Are Expensive

Imagine, if you will, that you have a magical golden keyboard.

When you write text for your website with that keyboard your visitors will do EXACTLY what you TELL THEM to do.

Write “Buy now” and they buy it! You write “Sign up” and straight away, with no resistance, a high percentage sign up!

Think what you could do with your gold keyboard? How much do you think it would be worth? It would certainly be worth a few thousand dollars, in fact it would be pretty much priceless, agreed?

And probably illegal!

You understand then, that a copywriter’s service is very valuable to you but there’s more to it. One important point is that a professional copywriter could, if they chose, concentrate on selling products themselves instead of helping others. Many writers in fact do that (including me) which raises your next question – if so good at selling via text, why write for anybody else?

Great question!

The primary reason is that copywriters spend so long learning and honing their craft that they come to specialize in doing this one thing, really well. They also know their limitations! Really it’s like you employing any other sales professional, with one big change:

Via text your ONE copywriter can sell to hundreds or even thousands of customers at the same time.

There’s a downside to that though…

Yet more copywriter testimonials

The Danger Warning

Both you and your copywriter only get ONE CHANCE regardless of how many people visit your site!

Get it wrong and even if you are getting 10,000 visitors a day it just means you’re getting it wrong 10,000 times every day. Ouch!

You see then that professional copyrighting is a high stakes game. It can be a huge help or a huge hurt. The only difference between your two results is the skill of your copywriter.

Still want a cheap one?

The upside is that you’re lucky enough to have found me. Unlike anyone living in the UK, America (or most of Europe) my living costs are ridiculously low. In addition when I moved here it was partly to get away from that rat race. I need to earn a living but I just don’t need the usual trappings of wealth. In fact I’d feel positively awkward “showing off” in these beautiful but simple surroundings!

I can literally reduce what you’d expect to pay by 50% at the budget end of real copywriting, saving you $2500 or more yet still lead a very comfortable life. Let’s just call it a “win win” situation for both of us. So…

Can I Help You?

When I work with you I’m extremely professional and that’s where I take my pride from, rather than high fees. I am however rather fussy who I’ll work with and what type of copy I do.

That’s one of my few perks as a freelance copywriter and I’m not letting it go; it’s a lifestyle thing!

You should be equally fussy. You know the really cheap writers out there are not just ineffective, they may even damage your business. Yippers!

Living here in Borneo I only need to work on one or two sales letters a month, keeping me in comfortable lifestyle. This means that aside from all the usual benefits of professional copywriting here’s 3 good reasons you should be working with me rather than somebody else:

My fee is only $1750 (that’s not a typo) so your investment is much lower. Some projects may be less – ask me.

I’ve more time for your project, so you really do get $5,000 of personal attention, for less than half the cost.

As a preferred client you also have access to my other writing services…

“…excellent copy at any price.”

Alan writes excellent copy at any price and he delivers exactly what he promises. I was surprised at how much experience Alan brought to the table and will definitely use him again.

Toby Patke, Clearcove Consulting

Other Writing Services?

Gorgeous as the weather is in this tropical paradise it’s not always perfect (think “monsoon”). When stuck in the house I’ll often take on smaller writing assignments, such as press releases. As a rule I only consider doing that kind of low-level work for existing clients.

“He is easily worth the money”

“Alan’s salesletter and follow up email have brought methousands of euros. He is easily worth the money”

Basil Delaportas, Forex Trader

“He is truly an artist.”

“Copywriting may not even be the right word to describe what Alan will do for you. He is truly an artist! The quality content he has written for us produced many great leads that converted into successful projects!”

Dimitri Bir, WebRotate 360, LLC



“We asked him to do the copy on our website and we’re very happy we did!”

“We were referred to Alan and hired him to write a press release. Very impressed so we asked him to do the sales copy on our website and we’re very happy we did!! Our software was already selling well but with Alan’s selling and suggestions on the site it rocketed to an incredible 4.7% visitor to sales conversion!! That is almost unheard of in an industry where 2.0% is considered excellent.

He has since produced our brochure and emails with equal success. I personally vouch for his expertise and that he is fun to work with
too. He begged me not to say this but I will, Alan made our software walk on water! You’ve given me and my family some real security now. Thank you!”

Lambros Kaliakatsos CEO
Plexscape LLC

If you fit the following criteria you really should get in touch:

If the above accurately describes you, then we’re a good fit!

Sometimes I’m booked two or three months ahead, so do use the form below to give me a rough idea of your project, right now. We can fill in the blanks later but if I’m booked I’m booked; don’t delay, not for my sake but yours!

You get a polite, friendly and helpful reply within 48 hours or less, even if I am currently engaged.

Fill in the little contact form and poke the send button, write now!

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